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Mk 12:19a ... And they were questioning him, saying ... "Teacher," ...


The diagram shows the Sadducees questioning Jesus.

Mk 12:19b ... Moses wrote to us ...


The diagram shows the "Scroll of Moses" and an abbreviated version of what Moses wrote.

Mk 12:19c ... that if a "brother" of someone should die ... and leave behind a "wife" ... and not leave a "child" ...


The diagram shows a widow, the dead man, his brothers, and the child he never had. This is the opening line of the Sadducees hypothetical story.

Mk 12:19d ... his brother may take the wife ... and he may raise up a "seed" for his brother ...


This hypothetical diagram shows the brother "taking" his new wife and raising up a "seed," the "parable-form" of a child. This story is based on the Jewish Law that says ... “when brothers live together, and one of them dies without a son, the widow of the deceased shall not marry anyone outside the family; but her husband’s brother shall go to her and perform the duty of a brother-in-law by marrying her” (Dt 25: 5-10).

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