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Mk 12:18a ... And the Sadducees are coming before him ...


The gematria value of the Greek word “Sadducees” (saddoukaioV) is 980 units and nine circles with that circumference (accuracy = 99.3%) represent the Sadducees coming to the raised Jesus. The irony of this diagram shows that the Sadducees mere act of coming to Jesus is a demonstration of being raised. (The actual diagram in the book is 100% accurate)

Mk 12:18b ... who are saying ... A "standing up" is not to be! ...


This is the diagram the Sadducees will try to disprove because they do not believe that Jesus nor anybody else can be “raised.” The previous diagram showed that "coming to Jesus" was "one way" to be raised. The Sadducees now pose a hypothetical story to Jesus that they believe will show the absurdity of the doctrine of raising the dead ... but every word that they say will disprove their argument!

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