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Mk 15:23a ... And they gave myrrhized wine to him ...

The verb e-smoor-nis-men-on means "mixed-with-myrrh." The ancients mixed a small part of myrrh into wine to give it a spicey fragrance and flavour. Offering a condemned man such an expensive treat was totally inconsistent with the way Romans crucified people. Obviously the Myrrh was a literary device to anoint Jesus with spices just before he was crucified ... like the incident of the woman who anointed Jesus with Myrrh worth 300 denarii earlier in the week (Mk 14:3).

According to Matthew 27:34, the Wine was "mixed-with-gall" to give it a bad odor and bitter taste ... just the kind of horrible drink one would expect the sadistic Romans to offer a man suffering with great thirst.

The diagram for this verse shows the recipe for how much myrrh was "mixed in with the wine."

Mk 15:23b ... but "who" did not take it.

The odd use of the pronoun hos meaning "who" is a tip off that something about Jesus has changed. Jesus refuses the wine because he was already anointed with costly myrrh two days before at Bethany (Mk 14:3). This christening, signifying kingship, will soon be fulfilled when he receives his title “King of the Jews.” The above geometry is quite remarkable because it shows how Jesus "did not take it."

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