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The Doctrine of Resurrection


Mark 12:18-27

The Jewish religion is based on the first five books (the Pentateuch) of the Old Testament which Jews believe was written by Moses himself. These five books are referred to as “The Law.” The Sadducees, an elite hereditary class in Jewish society, were the official priests of the Temple and had a religious duty to teach and interpret The Law and to combat attempts by other religions to seduce Jews into worshipping false gods. The Sadducees taught that only the written Law had divine authority. The Sadducees did not believe in the doctrines of resurrection of the body, immortality of the soul, nor the existence of spirits and angels because Moses never mentioned those things in his writings so any such teaching had to be heretical. The Sadducees probably composed many hypothetical stories and situations based on Mosaic Law that ridiculed Christians for believing they would "rise after death." This parable is a Christian gematria riddle that secretely disproves the Sadducees by using their own Mosaic Law against them ... More

The Sacred Geometry Story

Sacred Geometry Story ... Mark 12:18-27

The Setting: The city of Jerusalem. Jesus has just just won a dangerous argument with the Pharisees and Herodians. He is now confronted by a third set of opponents with a life and death argument. Characters: Jesus and some Sadducees. Hypothetical Characters: A wife, seven brothers who married her, an unconceived child, God, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the dead, and the resurrected. Props: a book, a thornbush.

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