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The Names of the 12 Apostles

The previous essays under the heading "The Sign of the Sun" illustrated how the gematria values of Jesus (888, 8880) and the Sun (318, 388) were connected to each other in so many ways which promoted the belief that Jesus was the incarnation of Helios the Sun. What are the odds that the gematria values of the twelve apostles would show the exact same relationship? Would it be another incredible coincidence? ... or would it be evidence that the names of The Twelve were "made up" so that their isopsephia values would add up to some predetermined number! Mark 3:13-19 says the twelve apostles were "made." The chart below shows how the gematria value of the names of the twelve apostles could be connected to Helios the Sun.

The Twelve "Suns" of Jesus

Mark's gospel clearly says "Jesus made the twelve so that they might be with him!” (Mk 3:14). This verse was a pun on how the isopsephia value of the names of all twelve apostles were connected to the raised Jesus through Helios the Sun. Mark must have been aware of all this Jesus (888) Helios (318) number mysticism and naming the twelve apostles was the perfect opportunity to show it. When Jesus gave "the twelve" their "names" in this little story, Mark wrote their names in accusative and genitive case endings to disguise their gematria values. The chart below shows the twelve names in the standard nominative case so that their total and average gematria values can be revealed. The Greek spelling of each name can be verified in Strong's Concordance.

Greek Name
nominative case
Simon Stone
Simwn 'O PetroV
Judas Iskariot
IoudaV IskariwthV
Total Gematria Value:

The gematria value of The Twelve add up to 12,317 units, a sum that has two components, 11,999 and 318 units. If the 11,999 number is averaged out, each apostle would be 999.9 units. If each apostle is represented by a circle with a circumference of 999.9 units, (which by the colel rule can either be 999 or 1000), the diameter of each circle would be 318 units, the same gematria value as Helios, the Sun! The diagram below shows that Jesus (888) and The Twelve (999 ea) are exactly tangent to the raised Jesus (8880).

Jesus (888) + 8(999) = 8880

The story of how Jesus "made The Twelve" reveals thirteen identically sized circles, twelve by their 999 unit circumference, the thirteenth by it’s 318 unit diameter. This sacred geometry story reveals Jesus as the 13th Sun in spectacular fashion.

The Four Major Apostles

Only four apostles, the three fishermen Simon, John, and James, and the betrayer Judas play important and continuing roles in Mark's gospel. The three fishermen all receive titles instead of last names. Jesus gives Simon the name "The Stone" while James and John receive the title "Sons of Thunder." James and John always appear together in Mark because they are always represented by a circle with a circumference (2222) equal to the gematria value of their first names. Judas Iskariot is the only apostle who already has a last name and keeps it.

The Eight Minor Apostles

Simon and James, the names of the first two fishermen, are repeated in the list of the other eight apostles who are never mentioned again (except for Andrew, the only other fisherman, as a bit player in Mk 13:3). The two James are distinguised from each other by their fathers names. One is the son of Zebedee, the other is the son of Alphaeus. The two Simons are distinguised from each other by nicknames. One is the Stone, the other, the last of the eight, is "the Cananean."

The final Simon may have had the nickname "the Cananean" so that the Sun's circumference could fluctuate between 999 and 1000 units as illustrated in the topic theta-helios. In the gospel story, Simon's name (Simwna tou Kananaion) is given in the accusative case which requires an “a” to be suffixed to his first name. If the "a" were affixed to his name in the nominative case it would prompt the reader to fill in his nickname “the Cananaean.” The added "a" brings up the gematria value of the twelve to 12,318 units which makes the two components of the total (12,000 and 318) easier to see. Each apostle can now represented as a circle with a circumference of 1,000 units and the diameter of each circle is still 318 units, the gematria value of Helios, the Sun. The metaphor of the twelve apostles as twelve Suns is later confirmed by two beautiful gematria puns in Mark 6:7.

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